Nichols Gorge Cave Loop
21.7 km circuit
6 h 30 min, 10 h 30 min to 2 days
Nichols Gorge Cave Loop
21.7 km

6 h 30 min, 10 h 30 min to 2 days

Starting from Long Plain Road, Bimberi, this circuit walk takes you to the Nichols Gorge and the nearby caves via the Blue Waterholes Fire Trail and loops back. The track passes by the Blue Waterholes(not accessible to the public), Cooleman, Right Cooleman and Murray Caves, so don’t forget to bring a light source, good boots and a jacket to truly enjoy the insides. You’ll also pass by the historic Coolamine Homestead midway through the hike. These sets of buildings exhibit different building styles from the late 1800s. The main residence’s walls are covered with old newspapers and informational signposts, so feel free to read them and see what made the headlines in the early 1900s. Wallabies and non-native brumbies(wild horses) can make an appearance as you walk on the generally dry riverbed of Cave Creek. Speaking of, please try not to damage the ancient fossilised shells of brachiopods and sea lilies found on the riverbed. There are 2 campsites(Magpie Flat and Blue Waterhole) before heading into the gorge so you can make this a multi-day journey if you’d like to. Let us begin by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land on which we travel today, and pay our respects to their Elders past and present.




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Points of Interest
Magpie Flat campground
Blue Waterholes Cave
Blue Waterholes campground
Coolamine Homestead
Cooleman Cave
Cooleman Mountain Camp Site
Murray Cave
North Branch Sink
Northeast Branch Sink
Right Cooleman Cave
The Cheese Hut

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Long Plain
Great Dividing Range
Australia/Sydney Time Zone
Kosciuszko National Park
Cooleman Plain
Magpie Flat campground
Blue Waterholes campground
Cooleman Mountain Camp Site
Coolamine Homestead
Southern Slopes