Lockleys Pylon

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Lockleys Pylon

Postby sanbot » Mon 23 Dec, 2013 10:50 am

I had a wonderful day on Lockleys Pylon track last week. It was extremely hot where I lived so I thought I'd try my luck up in the mountains to see if it was a bit cooler and thankfully because of the wind it was. I didn't see anyone else on the track so it felt like it was just me and nature. Such bliss! There were so many parts of the track that called me to do some off trail exploring but unfortunately was short of time.

I really like how this track goes through open spaces and has some views too.

Found a nice little spot near Lockleys pylon to take a break.

Whilst enjoying the views I pondered what am I going to do with my boots when I have to retire them. Too many good memories to just throw them away...
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