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Castle Mountain...Main Range Goomburra section.

Wed 21 Dec, 2011 6:29 pm

Cams pretty much covers the access/track details here....viewtopic.php?f=38&t=7035

Thanks Cams, curiosity got the better of me, so I headed out that way yesterday....
the ridgeline walk is hairy & exhilarating at the same time, but do-able 8) , great campsite, great views,
a very worthwhile trip.........goes straight to the top of my favourites list !

A reminder of the unseen dangers, at the bush lookout....

View from the bush lookout.
Lightens a heavy heart everytime I see this mountain breezes, scented eucalypt....big drop. :shock:

The wide expanse of Laidley Creek valley & a distant Castle Mountain

Getting closer, next the Dragons spine to negotiate.... :shock:

Time for a savoury snack, rice crackers, wasabi peas & spicy beans.
Needed a change from the usual sweet sugary morsels.

Looking back past the dragons spine....and the mainly uphill climb back to the car tommorow.

Zigged too soon when I should have zagged a little later....& came across this small cave on the way to the summit.
Big enough for a couple of bivvy bags.

Home sweet home, Hennessy hammock in 'verandah mode' :wink:

View from my verandah...

Pesky, biting horse flies in abundance & ticks too.
Removed 9 from shoulders & back when I finally made it back squeamish wife
did the honours :lol: ...I coudn't reach them myself.

Set up for the coming darkness.

Last rays of the day....

Laidley falls was still I did a quick side trip there on the return leg to replenish water supplies....
& have a very quick refreshing shower, while watching the morning mist swirl in the air currents. 8)
4 litres just wasn't enough for this trip. I'll take more next time.

Thats it for now....Ooroo
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Re: Castle Mountain...Main Range Goomburra section.

Thu 22 Dec, 2011 10:33 am

Great report Ofuros.

I reackon that is one of the best bang for buck overnight walks I've done. Could pretty easily be done as a day walk too I imagine but I really enjoyed just taking our time scrambling on the rocks and enjoying the views as you walk across the saddle.

Great photo's too. 9 ticks, wow. That's a good haul.

Re: Castle Mountain...Main Range Goomburra section.

Thu 22 Dec, 2011 12:16 pm

Nice one ofuros, can't beat waking up in bed with a view like that

I really enjoyed the photos & how good are those wasabi peas! I, too, am an addict...

'Hi, my name is Tom & I am a wasabi pea'

Re: Castle Mountain...Main Range Goomburra section.

Thu 22 Dec, 2011 6:57 pm

Thanks cams,
......the temptation to scratch the bites I can reach is getting to me. Just a gentle rub,....aaah... the relief ! :)
But your right, its one hell of a roller-coaster ridgeline walk.....
The overnighter is the go....taking in the setting sun & the morning dawn.....great trip :D

Thanks Phan_Tom,
Good to hear theres another wasabi pea fan out there, they do make your eyes water though :wink:
.....always looking for alternative snacks, the local asian shops around my neck of the woods are a
great resource for lightweight dried goods & unusual snacks.
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