FNQ - Devils Thumb - Manjal Jimalji Trail

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FNQ - Devils Thumb - Manjal Jimalji Trail

Postby Ndevr » Mon 17 Feb, 2014 4:56 pm

Caught up at a conference in Port Douglas FNQ - could be worse.

Had a half day to kill this morning before my hire car was due back at 12:30.
Researched and the Devils Thumb sounded like a good challenge.
Sure was...a 1000+ metre ascent in the first 4km.
The walk is 12km - includes 700m each way from car park to trail head, and 5.3km up and back to summit.
With a 5am alarm i was up early and hit the car park trail head at 6am, with just enough natural light.
I beat the heat of the day (not the humidity though) and was up the top before 9am.
Perfect day, little breeze and 360 degree views from just north of Cairns to beyond the Daintree and Cape Trib.
Awesome just to sit a top the 'thumb' in pure isolation...nothing like a morning summit (except a camping summit).
Spent 30+ minutes a top, before the 2 hour descent...and got the car back in time.

This really is a great half day walk...or a full day if you take it a bit easier.
Took 4 litres of water and drank about 3.5.
Must find a lighter shirt, as it was totally drenched in sweat.
Should have probably taken the boots off to cross the creek at the start, as they remained squelchy most of the way...extra drag not needed.
And yes, would recommend boots for this one.
Plenty of leeches and my knees are cut from a few thistles but been worse.
Long pants and gaiters aren't needed....but maybe shorts below the knees next time.

All in all a good way to spend the morning, and shed a few kilos before piling it back on this week.

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Re: FNQ - Devils Thumb - Manjal Jimalji Trail

Postby nq111 » Mon 17 Feb, 2014 7:09 pm

Very nice,

I have been keen to do this walk but never seem to be able to find the time when I am up that way.

Seems like it may be one of the very few half decent walks officially sanctioned in FNQ.
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