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Bushwalk Australia Magazine June 2020

Postby wildwalks » Tue 02 Jun, 2020 9:12 am

Bushwalking Again -- Latest edition
June 2020 : Issue 41

Download PDF (6mb)

Epub Version (23mb)

Please Join us
Have you been on an adventure and want to share it? No matter how big or small we all have stories to share. From newbie mistakes, through to international expeditions, we can all benefit from hearing other peoples experiences. If you are not sure how to write, don't stress we can help with that. Please let Eva (eva@wildwalks.com) know and she can help you get started. A new piece of gear, a new approach to map reading, a walk you did with friends, a solo adventure - whatever it is I am sure if you find it interesting then others will too.

Another great edition:
* Three Capes - Surprisingly Fun
* Spirit of Place - leeawuleena
* The Butterfly Effect - Quest to explain the unexplainable
* Photo Gallery - Terrific images to inspire during covid-19
* First Aid Kit - What to Carry and How to Carry it
* Too much of a good thing? - How drinking too much water can kill
* These Are a Few of my Favourite Things - Chocolate Anzac Slice & Cinnamon Spiced Biscuits
* My Favourite Things - Bushwalking

A big thanks to our awesome contributors.

Happy Reading, and enjoy getting back out bush :)

Matt :)
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