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Day hikes near city ?

PostPosted: Thu 13 Feb, 2020 6:47 pm
by oldlock
I have a free weekend in Brisbane in a week, any suggestions for day hikes not too far from the city. Not more than 20k's. Any recommendations for anything especially scenic or nice ?

Re: Day hikes near city ?

PostPosted: Fri 14 Feb, 2020 10:56 am
by Aardvark
What transport do you have access to? Is the 20k limit because you don't have a vehicle of your own?
It largely depends on what you call scenic. If you get on Google Earth you won't be too excited by the geography. The most significant mountain areas are on the scenic Rim and that is by far more than 20k away. So, altitude and views of mountain areas will be minimal.
The obvious choice given the specifications you have set so far is Brisbane Forest Park. West of the city. Good walking tracks and plenty of them. You can do a good many kilometres in there. Circuits mostly. Buses go there. There is a lookout restaurant overlooking the city. Creeks and various water points are dotted about. I invariably get in there once a week at least, just for exercise. I'm one of many who use it for exercise. There are tracks for cyclists, horse riders and walkers.
The Oxfam Trailwalker event is held in BFP and covers a route of 100k. That starts at Mt.Glorious and finishes at Mt.Cootha. There are brief views along the way. Of things like Lake Manchester. You can drive to Lake Manchester, Enoggera reservoir or Gold Creek reservoir. They are all within the same BFP area.

I'm afraid if you're looking for a more austere experience then you need to go further. Perhaps White Rock Conservation Park just south of Redbank Plains area on the way to Ipswich. Old forestry roads can lead you a few kilometres to a large sandstone monolith, well worth ascending but with limited views.
We used to catch a train to Redbank Plains train station and ride our bikes out there. Suburban roads most of the way now.

Always a good visit is Flinders Pk to the south or Glasshouse Mtns to the north of Brisbane but all these are further than 20k.

Re: Day hikes near city ?

PostPosted: Fri 14 Feb, 2020 11:49 am
by Lyrebird
20 k's from town still has you in the 'burbs :)
BFP is nice, as per Aardvark's suggestion. IME it's extremely busy on weekends.

There's also the Boondall Wetlands; ... ds-map.pdf
Nice but take plenty of mozzie repellent. It may also be pretty soggy after the recent rain.
There are various wooded areas around Brisbane that are pleasant (e.g. Daisy Hill Conservation Park, Mt Gravatt etc) but not startling, and none of them are very big.
One of my favourite walls in Brisbane is actually an urban one; the River Walk from Hamilton to the city. There are some nice vistas, particularly from Teneriffe to Kangaroo Point.