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New "Overland Track" forum

PostPosted: Mon 07 Apr, 2008 11:58 am
by Son of a Beach
Please note that all Overland Track and Cradle Mountain topics should now be posted to the new Overland Track and Cradle Mountain forum. It is becoming obvious that a lot of people are coming here specifically to look for information (or to ask for information) about these areas, therefore (as suggested by tasadam), I've created this new subforum to make it easier for such people to find what they're after.

I've moved 11 topics from this parent forum to the new subforum already, but I'm sure I've probably missed some (I sure can't be bothered going through all them with a fine tooth comb), so if you come across any others that you think belong in the new forum, please let me know.

Other similar subforums may be added to this forum in future if there appears to be a demand for it (eg, Walls of Jerusalem, South Coast Track).