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Re: Food storage

PostPosted: Wed 10 Jan, 2018 11:27 am
by Strider
emma_melbourne wrote:- Pissing in a perimeter around the camp site.

Apart from being disgusting, this could be a bit tricky, particularly for females!

Since spending a night battling the zip opening possums at Cooks Beach for my food, I always hang it in a drysack. So far so good, and I am yet to have any abseiling rat/mice issues either.

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Re: Food storage

PostPosted: Sat 13 Jan, 2018 7:32 am
by wildwanderer
Im using the suspended food bag approach. Usually atleast 2-3m above the ground if I can find the right branch.

Ive had several amusing nights where possums have climbed a nearby tree and leapt for it only to either miss completly or fail to get a grip on the silnylon. Both resulting in said possum crash landing with a thump and chuckle from me. :lol:

My only issue is sometimes finding a good suspending branch can be difficult. I once trusted a thin looking branch to much, it snapped and my bag landed in the middle of a massive thorn bush :( Was not fun to retreive.

Re: Food storage

PostPosted: Sat 15 Dec, 2018 7:19 am
by skywheeler
I tie off some rope around a branch, or a beam I f I’m I a hut, then hang my stuff sack containing the food with a long wire fishing trace. It’s strong, light to carry, doesn’t tangle when you store it in your pack and is too fine any slippery for the rodents to shimmy down.

I also have a hammock that suspends inside the top of my tent, so if my food sack is not too heavy, it sits in there.

I’ve not had a problem with either approach.

On the Green Gully Track, each hut has a small metal meat safe. On my first night, being too lazy to unpack the food so it’d stack into the safe, I had suspended my food sack from a beam with a rope rather than using the safe. This was before I’d discovered the benefits of the wire fishing trace. The rodents kept coming back throughout the night to try to get my food, which meant I didn’t sleep very well, trying to protect it. On the subsequent nights, I made sure I packed my food into the small meat safe. Once lights were out, I’d hear the rodents come into the hut, do a scout around, figure out that the food was out of their reach, then not return at all. Learning -the provided storage is there for a reason, so use it.

Re: Food storage

PostPosted: Mon 17 Dec, 2018 6:39 pm
by emma_melbourne
Minor critter bag - Kevlar and stainless steel - 131g

Combined with inside:

Loksak Opsak Odor proof bag, 31 x 50 cm - 41g

And can be hung also. Has a strong loop to hang from or clip a carabiner to.

I’ll let you know how it goes after I get back from my Overland Track hike.

Re: Food storage

PostPosted: Tue 01 Jan, 2019 3:55 pm
by Trundlers
Z-packs do very light weight and tough foodbags. All in US $$ though.