AAWT Mt Shillinglaw to Mt Howitt

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AAWT Mt Shillinglaw to Mt Howitt

Postby pete0762 » Mon 24 Oct, 2011 11:14 pm

Just wondering what the latest conditions are for this section of the AAWT. I know that Mt Sunday to Low Saddle is overgrown and alternative route is suggested. Is this still the case and any other issues along this section of the track. I do not expect too many problems with water due to wet conditions.

Heading this way next week if weather permits.
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Re: AAWT Mt Shillinglaw to Mt Howitt

Postby north-north-west » Tue 25 Oct, 2011 8:12 pm

As you're starting at Shillinglaw, you should be OK. The section between Black River and Shillinglaw is vile, but you're being sensible enough to ignore that bit.

The Sunday helipad to Low Saddle section still hadn't been dealt with last I heard, so stick to the 4WD track. It's a little further, but you'll make good time and enjoy it much more.
Otherwise, it's pretty straightforward. Long Ridge up to MacDonald is fairly open once you're on the rocks and easy walking; it's just the bit near the vehicle track that's a little scrubby. The pad between High Cone and Square Top is a little faint in places but people usually stay on line easily if they're northbound.
Wongungarra is also a bit scrubby in places but, again, easy enough to stay online if you're heading north.

Giver my regards to MacDonald.
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