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Postby Lamont » Mon 22 Apr, 2019 4:31 pm



TOTAL WEIGHT -680 GRAMS –see the document in the photo for proof of all these specs.

LENGTH-REGULAR – suit user up to about 1.8m very comfortably or a slightly taller side sleeper.

FOOTBOX – 3D SEWN- the best and only way to get near a warm rating.

WIDTH- WIDE at 152 cms - suits a person that wants a bit more room/slightly larger person/moving. sleeper/front and side sleeper

SHELL- PERTEX QUANTUM 15D-very good water resistance, highly breathable and tougher than the usual 10D

LINER - MEMBRANE 10D-breathable and pleasant on the skin -feels like silk.

COLLAR- YES –IT HAS A FULL, PROPER AND ADJUSTABLE DRAUGHT COLLAR to eliminate draughts completely. NO STRING strangling you when it is done up tight.

It comes with the straps to attach to your mat, a stuff sack and a very large storage bag to leave it lofting nicely-where it has been for six months while I contemplated selling it.I will be sorry to see it go.
Nunatak is currently closed for new sales as they are trying to catch up with the mass of orders since the backpacking world caught up with the quality of their gear and Americans order up for their Summer.
Their quilts are over the last couple of years now regarded as the best in the backpacking world. Equal to, or now most think surpassing Katabatic. I encourage you to put put “Nunatak quilts reviews’’ into google and you will not find poor ratings of any of their quilts. They are renowned as true to their ratings and claims. Quality is superb.
The current cost of this would be USD $505 plus $60 post and GST of $56 USD 621 or AUD $870
https://nunatakusa.com/nunatak-premium- ... stuff_sack
It was used about 6 times, four by my eldest daughter and a couple by me. My daughter used it at minus 2 degrees twice in thermals alone (but with a good beanie) on a Thermarest Xlite and as a female who is normally colder than a male (all females sleep on average about 5 degrees colder than a male) she slept comfortably warm. She was clean and there are absolutely no smells, marks or damage at all- it looks the same as when it was delivered. It has been properly stored lofted in an airy smoke free environment.
The benefits are of this Nunatak Quilt are;
-the very high percentage of high fill power down means you get a very light quilt but with the best warmth via the exceptional LOFT(see photo) from Nunatak “‘We use goose down with a laboratory rated fill power of 900-950. What is fill power? A higher number provides better fluffiness or warmth to weight ratio, without going too technical. A few years back 800FP was the stuff to get. So 900FP is good, very good."
On their use of Responsible Down “In the same vein we have the important Responsible Down Standard (RDS) certification. Down is harvested, as they say, but from birds, not fields. In today's interconnected world we can no longer ignore our environmental impacts and down has the potential of leaving a trail of gruesome practices in the name of profit. Nunatak's supplier is a pioneer in developing the rigorous Responsible Down Standard, thus giving us full disclosure of a humane and ethical supply chain. More than the dry treatment mentioned above, we feel this is the most important step we and the consumer can take.”
-the exceptional ratio of very high fill power down to overall weight means you are getting heat not weight. I encourage you to compare this ratio with any other quilt maker.
-It has a proper draught collar- the cord tightens on the side not falling on your face about 3 cms from the top of the quilt so when done up it looks like a big neck muff-NO cord digging into your neck when its cold-and keeps your throat/neck warm up to the chin. Please see the picture below.
-The inner layer is cut slightly smaller than the outer layer just like in all the best sleeping bags, which means the gap between the layers remain s open for the down to remain lofted and keep the cold air at bay, also when you turn in the night this means it is far harder to get tangled -you just slide around.
- the combination of vertical and horizontal baffles keep the down where it needs to be to keep you warm.
-it has a proper 3D footbox, only the best quilts have these. If you lie on your back the quilt remains upright (see photo) it won’t fall onto your toes, so your toes don’t compress the down causing cold spots
- THE WIDTH IS TRUE and not so called ‘stretched’ if you open this out -it is the width quoted above.
If anyone wants a picture of it opened up sing out and I will add one.
-Pertex Quantum breathes well and will not be bothered by your breath condensation on your quilt.
This could be a good all round quilt easily used in milder weather as well-just open out the top.
A lot of information I know, but all the things mentioned you need to know as it is obviously an investment-feel free to ask any other questions just pm me.
Selling for $550 pick up - I can let you try it easily if you are in the area -feel free to have a look, climb in, roll around etc. You would not be disappointed.
or plus postage.
bottom of quilt
full comfy draught collar in action-it will close completely around your neck if you wish and lofts/sits under your chin warming your throat/neck
the loft
height of the 3D footbox lying on your back your toes will not create cold spots. It sits upright and stands up automatically upon opening quilt
receipt-only private info covered
top view
ayyee same top view damn.
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Postby wildwanderer » Mon 22 Apr, 2019 6:24 pm

damm.. that is some serious loft!

If i didnt already have a quilt I would be all over this! Good price for the quality as well!
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Postby Petew » Tue 23 Apr, 2019 8:52 am

Where abouts are you located (which city/area)? I'm keen to have a look. I have a 20f EE Enigma and am looking for something a little warmer.
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