MYO Bibler? Longer like a BD Eldorado

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MYO Bibler? Longer like a BD Eldorado

Postby Neo » Fri 10 Aug, 2018 9:30 pm

Has anyone made their own Bibler?
Looks simple by design, maybe start with the poles and a footprint, model one out of sheets to get a pattern...
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Re: MYO Bibler? Longer like a BD Eldorado

Postby CasualNerd » Fri 10 Aug, 2018 11:40 pm

I plan to make a dome tent with extra wide silpoly and aluminium poles from aliexpress. The original plan was to reuse an old macpac innner but I've thought a lot about making single skin tent similar to the black diamond alpine models. I modeled it in sketchup and got some rough dimensions for the fabric but I haven't actually cut or sewn anything yet.

If you do make something post it up for inspiration and guidance please !
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