Mount Buangor State Park

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Mount Buangor State Park

Postby bulldogboy » Tue 13 Mar, 2018 7:13 pm

Spent Saturday night at Middle Creek(30 sites) campground in Mount Buangor State Park. 33 degrees so just did the easy walk through the other 2 campgrounds: Bailes & Ferntree (both 5 sites). A trickle of water at the falls at Ferntree.

Unfortunately the night was spoilt by a couple of very drunk blokes in their 50's but what can you do but hope that the gene doesn't get passed through to the next generation.

Sunday morning planned on doing the Middle creek-cave hill walk (4 hour 7km) . The walk from the campground to Cave hill overhang is about 45 minutes steadily uphill. The overhang is quite spectacular. However we found the track on the next section very hard to follow. There were a few arrows at the beginning but after scrambling about for about an hour we decided it safer to backtrack rather than to continue. Has anyone else found this to be the case? Bit deflating especially as we were looking forward to coming to the large rock where there is a chain to help you cross.

Anyway good to check out a new park. If you are thinking of going up that way Ferntree is the pick of the campgrounds. ( Each of the sites appears to have it's own segregated drive and fireplace.)
Plenty of kookaburra's and what we think was a Boobook owl at about 2am (more pleasant than listening to blokes talkin' 'bout shootin' & huntin').

Did happen to see 6 - 8 eagles in a paddock about 10 km's away. Magnificent.
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Re: Mount Buangor State Park

Postby bmak » Tue 13 Mar, 2018 9:58 pm

Never had a problem after cave hill but I’ve walked it lots.
If you didn’t make it to the chained rock you went off track pretty soon after the cave.

Ferntree is definitely the pick. Wouldn’t bother with middle creek over any long weekends but it’s pretty quiet at other times.

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