Cape Pillar Circuit

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Cape Pillar Circuit

Postby monte » Fri 19 Apr, 2019 9:20 am

My daughter and I just completed the Cape Pillar Circuit as described here with the addition of the extra bit from The Blade to Cape Pillar. We very much enjoyed the walk.

Our second day was around 20k (watch died late in the walk so no accurate distances from there on) due to the 4ish extra k's from The Blade to Cape Pillar and back. The third day felt harder because of the climb over Mt Fortescue and the steps out to Cape Hauy.

Water access is a bit different to as described. Everything was dry until it bucketed down on our last night so no water at either Wughalee Falls or Lunchtime Creek. Parks have just upgraded the toilet at Wughalee Falls, however, this has come with the removal of the water tanks or rather there is a water tank but it is behind a locked door in the new toilet design. Note the parks website mentions a tank at Wughalee Falls so I suggested to the guy in the office at Fortescue Bay that should be removed. Luckily there is a toilet block with water at Munro Hut (1 hr ish towards Cape Pillar on day 2) and Retakunna Hut (30 mins ish towards Cape Hauy on day 3).

The Bare Knoll campsite is currently closed while the toilet is being replaced which they seemed to be doing while we were there. Lots of helicopters flying around!

One suggestion I'd make is for anyone that uses walking sticks to take their rubber ends with them so the points don't get stuck between the boards so much. I'd also probably take an extra water container or two next time to make doubly sure I had enough water for coffee in the morning!
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Re: Cape Pillar Circuit

Postby Tortoise » Fri 19 Apr, 2019 12:17 pm

Thanks very much for the timely update, Monte.
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