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Cape to Cape: any food stealing possums?

PostPosted: Thu 11 Apr, 2019 8:52 am
by BernieB

Some places/campsites (e.g. Tassie) are infamous for food stealing possums, ripping tents, backpacks etc. Anybody knows what the situation is on Cape to Cape track?

Also, when walking end to end, is it possible to replenish the food supplies along the way (e.g. Margaret River) or should everything be carried from the start?


Re: Cape to Cape: any food stealing possums?

PostPosted: Sat 13 Apr, 2019 10:32 am
by lseries92
I never had any problems when I walked it late last year although I did encounter an overly inquisitive bandicoot at Moses Rock. I came back to my tent to find the little fellow taking a keen interest in everything - he even took a look through my tent which I did not fully seal up. I use a grub pak to store food and once he found it he obviously struggled open it - I thought the whole thing was hilarious until he started to slowly drag it off (I got the message and hung it up at that point). Definitely more towards the cute side of the ledger than malevolent ... unlike those possums at Windermere on the OLT!

As for food, I took 4 days worth and "lived off the land" for the rest. Rather than replenish my food supplies I planned to supplement with meals as I passed through the towns along the way - I did brekkie at Shaana Cafe in Yallingup on day two, had a pie at Gracie's in Gracetown for lunch on the third day and so on. Places like Yallingup, Gracetown and Prevelly have small general stores although things get a bit sparse on the second half of the walk (although Hamelin Bay sell a few things). I did not really take too much notice at what "hiker friendly" food they were stocking though but you can certainly get something if you are not picky.

Once at Prevelly you are 10km from Margaret River township - you could always hitch or taxi it into Margaret River which has a Coles, Woolies and other shops that will have a much greater selection.

Re: Cape to Cape: any food stealing possums?

PostPosted: Tue 16 Apr, 2019 9:05 am
by BernieB
thanks for the info!

Re: Cape to Cape: any food stealing possums?

PostPosted: Wed 08 May, 2019 3:11 pm
by Freodude
I had what I assume were possums on one night try and get into my rubbish, from memory it was at mosses campsite. I was solo so didn't always stick to designated campsites.

As for food along the way I carried all my own. Had lunch at Gracetown when i went through, I'm not sure I would rely on the shops at Gracetown, Prevally or Hammilin bay for hiking food tho I'm sure you would get something if you had no other choice.