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5-7 days Larapinta - which sections?

Mon 24 Feb, 2014 5:27 pm

We're planning 5-7 days walking the Larapinta Trail over Easter. We're fit and experienced walkers.

What sections should we do as we probably can't do all 12 sections in the time we have?

Any recommendations for drop off and pick up services from Alice Springs would be helpful.



Re: 5-7 days Larapinta - which sections?

Mon 24 Feb, 2014 7:27 pm

While in 7 days, you could make about half the track (pushing it a bit I feel), the trouble is access points at about the halfway mark.
From our walk perspective heading east, after Ellery, you have to get to Standley generally, if using the standard transport company (Larapinta Transfers).

Some of the best sections I can recall was up through Hugh Gorge and the following ranges.
If I was only going to do one bit, that would be it (Ellery to Simpsons).
That would fit roughly within your timeline and suggested experience etc, and not be pushing too hard, time to soak in the surrounds a bit.

Actually, out of interest, I just looked up the Larapinta site for confirmation of some of our stops (then I look behind me, and there's the Lara strip map on the wall !! :))
This web page has the section highlighted as one of the best sections.

We did the whole thing from the western end of Mt Zeil Range (off track to Redbank, then the LT) to AS in 19 days, with a food drop somewhere in the middle, must have been at Ellery.
We just had to bag Mt Zeil when out there, Glen Helen dropped us out there by 4WD.

We had one rest day at Jay Ck, after 3 or 4 days of continual rain, and it was still bucketing down all that day, was so nice sitting in the shelter playing cards and resting up . . . the creeks through Hugh Gorge we were wading knee deep, right through to Simpsons Gap, when it finally went further east.
It was as cold as I can ever remember Tassie being !! Only saw 3 or 4 other walkers the whole trip.
Will never forget it, was one of the best walks I've ever done with my mates :D

Re: 5-7 days Larapinta - which sections?

Wed 26 Feb, 2014 9:59 am

I made a mental note that when (not if) I go out to Larapinta again I'd start at Standley Chasm and go to Mt Sonder. While that might not fit into your timeframe due to walking speed etc it would be a good place to start. Camping on Brinkley Bluff is a must, other than feral weather try to do it. If I had to pick one highlight from my 10 day trip it would be camping up there.
Heaps of tourist buses go to Standley every day so it would be easy to get out there. If your only doing 5 days or even 7 you could skip the food drops all together.

IMO some of the best (hmm and hardest) walking was in between Ormiston Gorge and Standley Chasm. It's all great along the whole trail but I found the sections between Jay Creek and Alice Springs the least spectacular.

Re: 5-7 days Larapinta - which sections?

Sat 01 Mar, 2014 2:56 pm

IT's all good.
You could start at Jay Creek and walk west to Ellery in a week. We've twice hired transport to take us to the start of the access track near Hamilton downs Youth Camp, from there its only about 4kms to Jay Creek.
After leaving Jay Creek I'd recommend taking the higher track for the views.
Once you get to the top of Stanley Chasm you can take the high or the Chasm tracks, the gorge track really only has one slightly iffy spot in it where you will either have to lower, drop or pass down packs. Followed by youself of course.

Otherwise Serpentine Gorge - or Dam to Mt Sondor.

Whichever one you do I reckon you'll be back to do the other.
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