Barry Falls family walk.

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Barry Falls family walk.

Postby Robbiefishing » Wed 19 Aug, 2015 8:25 pm

If you are looking for your next epic 4 day hike over snow-capped mountains then read no more, because this couldn't be any more the opposite.
Hidden in the Woolshed Valley between Eldorado and Beechworth is one of North East Victoria's best kept secrets, Barry Falls.
Situated on a tributary of Reedy creek Barry Falls is most spectacular during late winter and early spring when there is still plenty of water runoff from the hills.
Barry falls is an easy, short walk which is great for the whole family. An adult with average fitness can comfortably hike all the way in to the bottom of the waterfall in about 15 minutes. A family of 4, such as my wife and I and our two ratbag kids usually reach the falls in about 20 minutes or so.
Here is how you get there:
From Eldorado, follow the Beechworth road almost as far as Kangaroo crossing (Only 10 minutes or so). Just before Kangaroo crossing there is a track veering off to the right called Neioff road. Travel up Neioff road and you will see a track heading to the right called Warbler track. Continue past Warbler track for a kilometer or so, and eventually you will come to another track heading to the right, also called Warbler track. Warbler track leaves Neioff road and then rejoins it, hence the two separate Warbler track turnoffs.
Park you car at the second Warbler track intersection.
By foot, walk along Warbler track for a few hundred meters until it crosses the little creek. At this point, another unnamed vehicular track veers off to the left before the creek crossing, following the creek upstream. Walk along this unnamed track for a couple of hundred meters until it comes to an end.
Once you get to the end of this unnamed vehicular track, you just have to walk 400meters approx. Up along the creek until you reach the waterfall. There is a rough foot track there that you will see.

Here is a youtube video I made there a couple of weeks ago, and below are a few photos of Barry Falls, one of my favourite places.

If you do not see the track don't stress, you cant go wrong. Just follow the creek upstream. There is little vegetation along the creek so walking is quite easy, even for the kids. You will need to cross the creek as the opposite side is easier to walk along. Unless there is a major flood, the creek is easy to step/jump across.
As started, Barry Falls is a wonderful family short walk. Great for the kids, the grandparents, and great for people new to hiking that are looking for motivation.
If you're in North East Victoria with the kids.....check it out.
My 6 year old daughter at the base of Barry Falls having the time of her life.
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Here is a rough map on how to get there, where to park and where to walk.
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Re: Barry Falls family walk.

Postby hairypanic » Tue 23 Aug, 2016 1:09 pm

Good write up Robbie, there is another waterfall about 100m upstream from this too
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Re: Barry Falls family walk.

Postby neilmny » Tue 23 Aug, 2016 1:49 pm

Nice photos and write up Robbie thanks for posting.
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