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Simple GPS app for iphone

Tue 09 Apr, 2019 4:38 pm

Hi there
I am looking for a simple GPS app for my partner who has an iphone. She would probably mainly use it for locating herself in the bush relative to line features (such as tracks and roads), rather than for navigating off-track or for recording tracks. I use and love Backcountry Navigator, but it is only Android and not for iphones.

An important criterion would be the ability to download good free topographic digital maps. What I love about Backcountry Navigator is that you can download the topographic maps created by state mapping authorities, although something like Open Cycle Map would be a fallback.

Will appreciate your advice.



Re: Simple GPS app for iphone

Tue 09 Apr, 2019 7:56 pm

If you're just after a simple lat and long then "Compass" will do the job.
You do need to know how to apply it to a map.

For actual mapping I use Pocket Earth. You do have to pay a small amount to access contour lines and make maps available off-line.
It uses OSM maps.
I've used this in many different countries around the world and it works well.

Re: Simple GPS app for iphone

Tue 09 Apr, 2019 8:14 pm

Avenza Maps allows you to use georeferenced PDF maps, such as the free NSW topo maps. In the free version of Avenza, you can have three topo maps "active" at a time (usable for recording tracks and waypoints), or you can pay for unlimited active maps. Three topo map sheets would be plenty for most bushwalks.

Re: Simple GPS app for iphone

Wed 10 Apr, 2019 5:08 am

I have a couple on my iPhone.

One is Gaia GPS, which you've probably heard of. It costs $28 AUD per year for access to OSM maps. I thought that was too much money to pay over and over again so I let my subscription lapse after the first year. But I found that it still works with the maps I have already downloaded. It's a very full-featured app.

The other is called MapOut, which is $8 AUD. You buy it and then have unlimited ability to download maps for off-line use. Gaia GPS is superior overall but MapOut works pretty well. I actually prefer the way it renders OSM maps.
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