Tarptent Notch Li (Dyneema weighs 570 grams)

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Re: Tarptent Notch Li (Dyneema weighs 570 grams)

Postby norts » Thu 25 Apr, 2019 8:41 am

Only used mine for 2 nights so far. It will get a good work out in June.
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Re: Tarptent Notch Li (Dyneema weighs 570 grams)

Postby Lamont » Thu 25 Apr, 2019 8:49 am

Zapruda wrote:
Lamont wrote:How about some recent updates on use you lot and any other Notch Li owners out there that haven't posted their thoughts. There seems to be more owners of this shelter here than anywhere in the world. Its been nearly a year since it came out. Such as -Thoughts on ease of use, set up, removing struts, replacing struts, ease of ingress, egress, windworthiness, durabilty, the little door clip, magnets.

Best trekking pole tent I have ever used.

I have around 30 nights with it so far. Pitches in 2 mins, handled winds around 40-50kph, I like the magnets. Plenty of room at the head and foot for my 6’2” frame.

I don’t take the struts out anymore. I just pack the Notch vertically next to my sleeping bag and clothes. It works well this way.

The mesh inner snags on the Velcro when packing and creates ladders. My fault for being too impatient when packing.

Would buy again in Sil or DCF.

Love it!

Ah ha, some more real world extensive use!
Everybody have fun tonight Everybody Wang Chung tonight
Everybody have fun tonight Everybody Wang Chung tonight
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Re: Tarptent Notch Li (Dyneema weighs 570 grams)

Postby Bec F » Tue 30 Apr, 2019 10:23 pm

Though I did not splash out for the Li version, I can offer my thoughts on the overall design and features common to the silnylon, having spent around 30 nights in it in many conditions over the past year. Great tent, very happy with it and definitely saving for the Li version. Easy to set up with a little practice. Struts for me only take a few seconds to insert and remove so I prefer to do this to vastly improve pack-ability (but tend to leave the inner I choose for a particular trip, mesh or part solid, attached to the fly so set up is quicker.) Weather resistance: seems very good, while it can be trying to pitch in high winds, once pitched well (takes a little practice as pointed out), it is really quite solid (extra guy lines from the apex and securing all pegs definitely helps).

Getting in and out can be awkward in the wet, with the door often flapping over myself or the inner until secured, making things a bit damp but not too big a deal. This small issue is partly due to the door clip, which I don't otherwise mind (and appreciate having no zipper to fail, the Velcro seems to work fine). Tip - I take some tension off the vestibule tieout first, can then secure the clip more easily with one hand then re-tighten via the linelock easily. Only real gripes are that the silnylon floor (even with silicone sealant strips) is very slippery, and if not on perfectly level ground I slide to one end or the other (though having a small section of closed cell foam, ie my sit pad, under my neoair seems to help). Also the triangle pockets are from my experience useless, pretty much everything falls out of them. These are really nitpicks for an otherwise awesome shelter
Bec F
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Re: Tarptent Notch Li (Dyneema weighs 570 grams)

Postby Franco » Thu 02 May, 2019 7:46 am

" the silnylon floor (even with silicone sealant strips) is very slippery"
a couple of possible solutions are :
1) stripe the bottom of the mat , perpendicular to the stripes on the floor
2) get a small section of the glasses anti-slip mats. from Target or similar. It is a much lighter and thinner version of the carpet type.
I have one under my keyboard.
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