Great Live Deep Sea Webcam

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Great Live Deep Sea Webcam

Postby Son of a Beach » Wed 10 Dec, 2008 6:40 am

My brother works in genetics of Antarctic and marine animals for a government body in England and has sent me a link to a website featuring a great live webcam of fish and other marine animals around a decaying porpoise carcase which updates about 2 times per second.

Here is the webpage

Here is my brother's description of it as sent in his email:

A friend of mine works on polychaete worms, particularly those that inhabit whale carcasses that fall to the bottom of the ocean. Here is an experiment he has set up with a sweedish guy; a porpoise carcass tied to weights on the seafloor 30meters down with a constant camera on it. During the day it is a bit dull but during the night (ie, your morning) it is great! There is also a webcam at 5 meters but it isn't lit so no good at night.

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