Franklin River Rafting

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Franklin River Rafting

Postby pomysi » Tue 25 Nov, 2008 7:10 am

Hi All,

Well I have been trying to get some info on Rafting the Franklin River in the new year. There seems to be a few different operators who work down that way. I was really looking for an idea - without any commercial influence - on when is the best time to go and if anyone has any experience of the different operators.

I have spoken to a few of the local Tasmanians at work etc and they are telling me that the best time is probably April because other times have less flow due to catchment requirements etc. That is probalbly the opposite of what I was thinking. I was also looking at the 8/10 day trip to take in Frenchmas at the same time.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Athrotaxis cupressoides
Athrotaxis cupressoides
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Re: Franklin River Rafting

Postby DonQx » Thu 27 Nov, 2008 2:06 pm

Hello Si,

The question of weather is a bit like the roll of a dice. Very hard to predict irrespective of time of the year. The Franklin can rise & fall quite fast (read = overnite), so it is quite possible to have high water trip this week and a low water trip next.

I'd go for the summer half of the year coz of longer day time hours.

Have a talk to Graham Mitchell at Rafting Tasmania. He's a good guy & will give you a totally honest opinion based on having been in the business since 1982.

:-) a.
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