Foiled by the IN-LAWS

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Foiled by the IN-LAWS

Postby Marky » Mon 17 Nov, 2008 5:06 pm

So I was meant to be going on a 2 night trip into the picton ranges (hoping to do the circuit) drove from Glen Huon up to Moonah to pick up the sister in law who had agreed to come down to our place for a few days to watch our 3 year old boy.
Upon arrival first thing she says when getting in the car is im soo sick....... straight away there and then I knew I wasnt going anywhere......

*&%$#! IN LAWS!!!!!!! Hehhehe ok feel a bit better now thats out...... thing is being the only one in the extended family with my licence they rely on me quite a bit for lifts..... from now on I feel I may be alot "busier" than I have been previously.........
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